Sail Skills - ColRegs Free Guide to ColRegs (the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, the IRPCS or Collision Regs).  Guidance covers all aspects with animations, pictures and diagrams.  Aimed at small vessel users but suitable for professional mariners.  Especially recommended for RYA examination candidates.
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ColRegs Home>ColRegs>Lights & Shapes>Vessel Aground Rule 30 Vessel Aground  A vessel aground exhibits:  similar lights to a vessel at anchor and additional lights but differing shapes to a vessel at anchor A vessel aground exhibiting appropriate signals back to top A vessel aground shall exhibit:  the lights above and where they can best be seen in a vertical line: three balls two red all-round lights Note that unlike a vessel at anchor, a vessel aground is not required to illuminate her decks A vessel aground (ran aground during an exercise with US armed forces) A vessel under 50m aground exhibiting appropriate signals It’s not always obvious that a vessel is aground  This one is being towed off a reef and is displaying the correct signals: USS Spruance being towed from a reef in the Bahamas A Contessa 26 aground beside the River Axe - Bristol Channel A vessel less than 12m is not required to display these signals  Here’s one I did earlier: Image with Permission:  Defense Visual Information Center Vessel under 50m aground Image with Permission:  Defense Visual Information Center
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