Sail Skills - ColRegs Free Guide to ColRegs (the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, the IRPCS or Collision Regs).  Guidance covers all aspects with animations, pictures and diagrams.  Aimed at small vessel users but suitable for professional mariners.  Especially recommended for RYA examination candidates.
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back to top ColRegs Home>ColRegs>Lights & Shapes>Shapes>Note:  Shapes Note: Shapes  Shapes are very small in relation to most vessels.  They can be hard to spot.  You really have to look  The pictures here show how the shapes were actually displayed when photographed This vessel displays a ball forward to show she is at anchor This vessel displays  a cylinder where it “can best be seen” to show she is constrained by her draught A merchant vessel - showing a ball forward to indicate she is at anchor A power-driven vessel underway, showing a cylinder to indicate she is constrained by her draft Diagram:  comparison of shapes of minimum size with a typical height person Diagram comparing shapes with an approximately “average” figure Vessels under 20m are allowed smaller shapes (“commensurate” with their size)
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