Sail Skills - ColRegs Free Guide to ColRegs (the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, the IRPCS or Collision Regs).  Guidance covers all aspects with animations, pictures and diagrams.  Aimed at small vessel users but suitable for professional mariners.  Especially recommended for RYA examination candidates.
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ColRegs Home>ColRegs>Lights & Shapes>Fishing>Fishing in Proximity Purse Seining Annex II Fishing in Close Proximity Purse Seining  A purse seine is a weighted net that can be drawn into a “bag” and closed at the bottom A fleet of vessels fishing in proximity But when purse seining in close proximity a vessel may exhibit:  two alternately flashing yellow lights in a vertical line ...    but only when hampered by her gear back to top Extra lights are given for vessels fishing in close proximity  They are given here for completeness ...   but for most mariners when confronted with a fleet of fishing vessels, the advice is ...  keep well clear! Here is a vessel engaged in “fishing other than trawling”, making way, exhibiting the usual lights: Vessel engaged in fishing other than trawling - gear outlying more than 150 m to starboard Vessel purse seining making way, gear more than 150m to starboard Note that a trawler more than 20m when fishing in close proximity shall exhibit the extra lights required of her but - the extra lights are optional for purse seining vessels - whatever their length These additional lights are visible from a lesser distance than the other lights a vessel engaged in fishing is obliged to exhibit Vessel purse seining making way The fleet from the top of the page might look like this: Vessel has gear extending more than 150m to starboard indicated by the cone and white light to starboard Vessel making way - therefore shows sternlight A fleet of fishing vessels at night Fish in proximity - purse seining Vessels in proximity engaged in purse seining Fish in proximity - trawling Vessels in proximity engaged in trawling Fishing other than trawling A vessel engaged in fishing "other than trawling" Trawling A vessel engaged in trawling
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