Sail Skills - ColRegs Free Guide to ColRegs (the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, the IRPCS or Collision Regs).  Guidance covers all aspects with animations, pictures and diagrams.  Aimed at small vessel users but suitable for professional mariners.  Especially recommended for RYA examination candidates.
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Rule 24 Inconspicuous Object Being Towed  Animation:  wide object being towed tow over 200m ColRegs Home>ColRegs>Lights & Shapes>Animations>Towing and Pushing>Inconspicuous Wide Tow, Tow Not Over 200m Inconspicuous object being towed based on a tug under 50m towing a small object 25m or more in breadth tow not more than 200m of inconspicuous objects being towed A towing vessel (under 50m) A tug (under 50m) towing a large vessell A vessel towing two barges alongside A tug (under 50m) towing an inconspicuous object A small motor boat towing a dismasted yacht Towing Tow alongside or push Vessel or object towed Inconspicuous objects towed Special circumstances back to top